From Gerhard Theewen: Die komplette Nudisten Sammlung

Everyone, who ventures forth upon the printed page subjects himself to criticism, good and bad.
Gerhard Theewen is no exception.
His photographs of nudist activity were promptly reviewed loudly and vehemently by a fortunately small group of individuals who take it upon themselves to »straighten out that fellow« and point out right from wrong.
What should be borne in mind by these people is the real objective the photographer had in picturing the event portrayed. Nudist publications are devoted to a two-fold purpose; to print the news of nudist doings for fellow nudists, and to tell the story of nudism in the most interesting and attractive way to those to whom we would like to see in the fold - the non-nudists. The manner of doing so is up to the individual photographer, within limits set by the editorial boards of the various publications.
A frequent criticism of photographers for the nudist magazines is that the true story of the various camps is not pictured... that they are not shown as they actually are, and that the non-nudists therefore conceive much too rosy a mental picture of what the resorts must be like.
But you cannot photograph that which does not exist, so the pictures are true. Nudist photography might be said to fall into various categories. Gerhard Theewen leans towards the humorous side of things. lf you can enjoy a smile or a good laugh, life will be much more pleasant and worth the living. lf one loses sight of the best side of nudism, that it exists and has grown by leaps and bounds because it is fun and people genuinely enjoy themselves at nudist camps, than you have lost the perspective of nudist photography that must be maintained.

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